When Mary Ann had reached the point where the press had been arranged by the chief warder, as she passed, the press joined the rear of the procession. Many a reporter could but comment as to how stoic but pitiful she looked the poor “unfortunate creature” now minutes from her death. As the procession moved to a point where a projecting wing of the prison hid the gallows, Mary Ann was heard to say “heaven is my home, Lord have mercy on me.” As they reached a point about eighty-yards from the entrance they had just left, they passed the Prison East wing, only for Mary Ann to see the instrument of her death, the gallows black and at arms length, the hideous contraption so deadly in its simplicity was now just a matter of a few steps away.
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 1873 Durham County Jail, England. The Execution Site of Mary Ann Cotton, 24th Day of March 1873.  Research Copyright ©.  I. S. Herdman 2000-2023